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Media and press services

Please contact

Anne Sivula, Communications Manager

Jaani Haapasalo, Communications Manager

Jenni Ruotsalo, Communicatios Designer


Moomin Museum press arrangements:

Marjut Heinonen, Sales and Marketing Manager


our emails are: name.lastname@tampere-talo.fi

Jenni Ruotsalo

Communications Designer

Marjut Heinonen

Sales and Marketing Manager

Anne Sivula

Communications Manager - On maternity leave

Replacement Jaani Haapasalo
+358 50 353 6440

Jaani Haapasalo

Communications Manager

Press photos and interview requests

Photos are available in the image bank. Photos may be freely used for journalistic purposes and in connection with Tampere Hall.  Using any of the images for commercial purposes is forbidden.

Please contact Tampere Hall’s press services to request interviews.

Press tickets 

Journalists and critics writing about Tampere Hall’s events may request press tickets from Tampere Hall’s press services.