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06.02.-07.02.InfraBIM Open600
26.01.-27.01.Valoa pimeyteen -tiedetapahtuma2000
10.02.-11.02.Tampereen Häämessut1500
13.02.-14.02.SuPer opintopäivät 20181000
15.02.Loistoduuni Ratinaan500
13.03.-15.03.European Robotics Forum900
21.03.-23.03.Tampereen Lääkäripäivät2000
24.03.-25.03.Tampere Kuplii5000
07.04.-08.04.Elämän ilo -messut700
10.04.-10.04.Nokian Renkaiden yhtiökokous350
09.06.-12.06.Chemical Recovery Conference400
15.06.-19.06.Euromit 9 - European Meeting on Mitochondrial Pathology800
23.06.-27.06.ED-Media 2014 (In association with University of Tampere)600
01.07.-04.07.Crossroads in Cultural Studies650
08.09.-09.09.Ambience 2014200
08.02.-09.02.The Tampere Club Argumenta Seminar40
10.02.John Deere Forestry Oy Supplier Conference190
25.04.-29.04.ACES 2010250
09.06.-11.06.2nd International Symposium on Gluten-free Cereal Products and Beverages150
14.06.-15.06.SIAS 2010 – Safety of Industrial Automated Systems250
14.06.-16.06.EBEN Research Conference100
16.06.-19.06.Art Medal World Congress Fidem XXXI150
17.06.-18.06.10th Annual Integrated Care Conference, INIC 2010200
23.06.Eurocities Workshop Branding Management & City Attractiveness50
28.08.-29.08.ESCAP President's Conference50
31.08.The Tampere Club20
06.09.-08.09.Power and Knowledge 2010: Second International Conference150
11.09.-15.09.ESB 2010 – 23rd Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials700
16.09.-17.09.The 10th Biennial CIGAR Workshop30
28.09.-30.09.International Symposium on System-on-Chip, SoC 2010200
26.01.-27.01.8th Power Metallurgy Seminar100
16.03.-18.03.Innovation Pressure ProACT Conference 2006350
28.03.-30.03.VBN InnoReg: Strengthening Via Baltica Macro-Region through Transnational Cooperation50
27.04.-28.04.Women (gender) and War: from Protected to Actors?35
28.04.-29.04.Tamfelt Clothing Days190
04.05.-05.05.III Tissue Engineering Symposium250
06.05.-09.05.24th Annual Meeting/Nordic Society for Pediatric Hematology and Oncology and 5th Congress/Nordic Society of Pediatric Oncology Nurses, NOPHO/NOBOS250
21.05.-24.05.The 2nd World Curriculum Studies Conference300
30.05.-01.06.The 6th European Conference on Noise Control, Euronoise500
07.06.-09.06.FIBERMED 2006, International Conference on Fibrous Products in Medical and Health Care100
11.06.-15.06.XXI Congress of European Rhinologic Society, XXV International Symposium on Infection and Allergy of the Nose800
18.06.-20.06.ICEC 2006 - International Conference on Emergency Communications250
28.06.-29.06.Tools for Strengthening Democratic Participation at Local Level70
29.06.-01.07.Qualitative Research on Mental Health Conference120
16.08.-19.08.28th Nordic Congress of Psychiatry700
20.09.-22.09.EU Ministerial Meeting: Justice and Home Affairs450
27.09.-29.09.4th Quality Conference for Public Administration in EU1200
09.10.-10.10.Manufuture 2006 - 4th Annual Conference on the Future of Manufacture in Europe400
16.10.-17.10.Round Table on Poverty and Social Exclusion300
14.11.-16.11.International Symposium on System-on-Chip 2006200
17.11.-18.11.Tamfelt Sales Conference 2006150
27.11.-28.11.Foreign Ministers' Follow-up Meeting for the Barcelona Process, EUROMED400
28.11.-02.12.ICEB & eBRF 2006 - Global Conference on Emergent Business Phenomena in the Digital Economy300
11.12.-12.12.The Urban Future of Europe200
29.01.-30.01.6th Power Metallurgy R&D Net Work Seminar90
24.03.-26.03.CSMR 2004, The 8th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering80
01.04.-02.04.UNI/PAM Seminar70
15.04.-16.04.E-Business and the Future of SMES in Textile and Clothing Industry100
23.04.-24.04.Tamfelt Clothing Days300
26.05.-28.05.22nd Annual Meeting of the European Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases - ESPID1200
06.06.-11.06.12th International Peat Congress520
14.06.-15.06.Towards Sustainable Futures – Tools and Strategies120
17.06.-18.06.NRC 2004 - Nordic Rubber Conference170
11.07.-16.07.ICT X - 10th International Congress of Toxicology1300
29.08.-31.08.LES Scandinavia Annual Conference 2004160
02.09.-03.09.Sanomalehtien pohjoismainen markkinointikonferenssi Nordiska Marknadsdagar300
08.09.-10.09.10th Nordic Aggregate Research Conference50
20.09.-21.09.The Tampere Club30
20.09.-22.09.eBRF, Research Forum to Understand Business in Knowledge Society170
23.09.-25.09.NCSS-5, Fifth Nordic Conference on Surface Science250
23.10.-27.10.NordiCHI 2004 23-24 October University of Tampere 25-27 October Tampere Hall400
04.11.-07.11.ESGT-2004, 12th Annual Congress of the European Society of Gene Therapy500
16.11.-18.11.SoC Symposium 2004200